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Most of the teaching resources I have developed are for teaching qualitative research methods in sustainability and tools for embedding sustainability in the curriculum of different disciplines in higher education.

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Qualitative coding activity ('The Button Activity')

This 3 hour activity is designed to introduce students at any level to strategies for coding qualitative data. You can find the lesson plan here and the accompanying powerpoint here (coming soon).

In 2020, I adapted this activity to work in an online setting. The powerpoint for this version can be found here (coming soon) and the worksheets can be found here (coming soon).

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Prompts to help educators embed sustainability in their teaching

This printable deck provides a variety of discipline entry points for sustainability (based on Ryan & Tilbury, 2011; Kagawa et al., 2012) and teaching and learning activities. The deck can be printed out and used to help educators mix and match what topics link to their discipline, and what teaching and learning activities could be used to help students learn about these topics.

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